Ski Trip 2017

Our ski trip this year offered opportunities for fun on and off the piste, with swimming, ice-skating, pool and table football.

Last day together on the slopes Last day together on the slopes
Mr Tasic would like to thank everyone who came. The pupils were brilliant and it was great to see everyone mixing and socialising together – from our lone Year 6 to our four Year 13s!
Highlights definitely have to include Armin’s wandering hat (and kiddie specs), The Multiple Wipeouts Of Jackson, and the perseverance of Archie, who made it all the way down the mountain on only his second ever day of skiing. Very well done to all of you who took part and made it such a fun outing.
Lastly, especial thanks go to Ms Coles, Mr Lalande and Ms Pym for their time, support and hard work – it couldn’t have happened without you!